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          Aluminium Handrails

  The aluminium handrails can be divided into 2 main categories – wall handrails, designated for stairways, and horizontal handrails, which are combined with boards as a foundation. They can be used outside or within a building. With horizontal handrails, the height varies depending on the height of the board and the desired height of the balustrade. These can easily be combined with other balustrade models, e.g. “French” style balustrades. Exceptionally impressive is a stairway with a handrail on the one side and a parallel three-bar balustrade on the other.

  The handrails are made from aluminium tubes and fittings. They consist of systems of separate elements, designed by the company’s technologists for each individual project. The tubes and elements can be in various colors. The photos and drawings show some of the most classic variants. Installation is done after painting or doing the plaster. After mounting the only maintenance they need is dusting.

  Installation is done after floors are laid, with preliminary laying of the balustrades’ foundations. A special type of toughened glass is used. After they’re installed, the only maintenance they need is dusting.

  For a better view of the chosen model, click on the image and you’ll find information about it and photos of its actual use.

Type SR01

Wall Handrail, Staircase,
Luxury Variant

Type SR02

Wall Handrail, Staircase,
Economic Variant

Type SR03

Wall Handrail,

Type HR01

Balcony Handrail,
Straight Section

Type HR02

Balcony Handrail,
Corner Section

Type HR03

Balcony Handrail,
Attached Only to the Wall

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