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         Three-bar Aluminium Balustrades

  This Three-bar balustrade model can be used outside or within the building. Its height can vary and it can serve as an addition to other elements. It can be used for stair landings or stairs, as well as straight or curved sections. It can also be combined with other models, e.g. handrails.

  The three-bar balustrade is made from aluminium tubes and aluminium fastneners. It consists of systems of separate elements, designed by the company’s technologists for each individual project. The tubes and elements can be of various colors. The photos and drawings show some of the most classic variations. By the client's wish, a combined model can be constructed, e.g. a three-bar spiral with colored elements (TP24 + TP05).

  These are always mounted after the floor coverings are placed, with preliminary installation of the balustrades’ foundations. After mounting, the only maintenance they need is dusting.

  For a better view of the chosen model, click on the image and you’ll find information about it and photos of its actual use.

Type TP01

Three-bar Balustrade, Staircase, Ball Finial

Type TP02

Three-bar Balustrade, Staircase, Cap Finial

Type TP03

Three-bar Balustrade, Staircase, Beginning with a Newel

Type TP04

Three-bar Balustrade with Colored Elements

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